Learn How to Create Linkwheels


Linkwheels are a part of SEO marketing that allows a person to enjoy the benefits of having his or her website pushed high up on search engine ratings. When people keywords into search engines such as Google, a person’s website must have some form of marketing strategy in order to stand out from the multiple other sites that promote similar topics, services, products, or categories. Linkwheels give people a chance to move their websites to the top of search engine ratings, and this results in more potential customers and more traffic generated to a primary website.

The Creation Process of Linkwheels

Linkwheels are made up of several web properties that are included in websites that are popular article directories. These websites are sites such as Buzzle, Weebly, Ezine, Hub Pages, WordPress, and other sites that offer the same features and reputations. When web properties are distributed to these websites, back links are inserted into each property. The first property is created (adding an informative article to Ezine for example) and then a back link is put into this property. The back link directs back to the main website. This begins the pattern of creating the wheel.

The very first item submitted to a 2.0 website such as Weebly or Ezine will include a high-quality article, blog, or similar item. Within this item (or web property), there should be a hyperlink inserted. A hyperlink is also known as a URL or back link. This simply means that it is a web address or a word or phrase that links directly to another site. The second phase is to submit another form of web property to yet a different website. The second property submitted should be submitted to an entirely different site. Within this web property, another back link will be included, and this back link will be directed towards the first web property.

The phase, or the circle, continues until several different web properties have been submitted to multiple websites. Each property should hold a reader’s interest and should be of very good quality. Skimping on quality will not pay off in the long run when a person is working to develop a solid and effective linkwheel.

What Are the Results of Linkwheels?

The results of linkwheels should definitely pay off after all the work has been made to submit multiple web content to different websites. Indeed, if the content has been of good quality and directs back to the main website, the wheel will begin to show results within one to three week’s time.

The results that will be noticed will be an increased rating on major search engines. Google will begin to recognize the main website as a premier website if good quality content has back links that directs traffic back to the main website. Well-written content, great photos, and step-by-step guides that are informative and enlightening are all ideal things to be included in the process of making a linkwheel.

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